Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Mysterious Mario Scaramella

Last month, Mario Scaramella came to international prominence as he happened to be the last man to meet the ex-KGB colonel Alexander Litvinenko before he became ill from polonium poisoning. Litvinenko died on Nov. 23.Scaramella has been described in the media as an Italian lawyer, academic and international security consultant. Professor Mario Scaramella has an impressive resume. Despite his young age, he is said to have taught in prestigious institutions around the globe. He claims to be an expert in nuclear weapons and nuclear waste. Last but not least, he possesses a deep understanding of KGB activities during the Cold War and has advised several agencies on counter-intelligences issues.
While working as a consultant for the Mitrokhin Commission, which investigated KGB activities in Italy, he met Litvinenko, who reportedly told him that current Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi was the KGB's top man in Italy. On Nov. 1, he met Litvinenko in London to warn him that he had received a couple of emails revealing, among other things, that their names figured on a Russian hit list. There is just one problem. On closer look, all of his credentials and all of his allegations happen to be unsubstantiated. Read full story

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