Monday, September 3, 2007

How to Bust the Spooks on Wikipedia

Go to Virgin Griffiths Wikipedia Scanner page. Under "Specify by IP Range", enter the following IP's: They all belong to the Department of Homeland Security. Then click on "Wikipedia edits Ahoy!" Don't you feel safer now that you know that Homeland Security employees have made 2147 edits to Wikipedia?On Oct. 8, 2005, someone, using a computer linked to the Homeland Security Department, edited G.W. Bush page. Here are the edits he made. The left and right columns contain the text of the article before and after the editing. All references to Bush's addiction to alcoholism have been suppressed. Information concerning Cheney's DWI arrests was also deleted by the same Department.On the other hand, Homeland Security people are unpleased with Mohamed Atta sobriety. "In the week before the attack, Atta was seen drinking juice and playing video games..." was edited to read "In the week before the attack, Atta was seen drinking heavily and playing video games..." Voila! America is safer now. Read full story

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