Saturday, October 13, 2007

Russian Reporter's Killer Identified

To mark the first anniversary of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, her newspaper, the independent Novaya Gazeta, is issuing a special edition on Monday. According to its editor, the identity of Politkovskaya's murderer is now known, although he has not been arrested. The identity of the person who organized the crime, however, remains unknown."The organizer is free. This crime cannot be considered solved," said Dmitry A. Muratov, the paper's editor in chief.

In one of the main articles of the special issue, Petros V. Garibyan, the prosecutor leading the investigation is interviewed at length."We have not charged the killer yet, but we know who he is," Garibyan is quoted as saying.Another key article, "Anna and the Clown," describes the torture of Eduard Ponikarov by a group of men that included Pavel Ryaguzov, then a major in the FSB (Russia's Federal Security Service.Ryaguzov wanted Ponikarov to work as an FSB informant, under the code-name Clown. Ponikarov has confirmed the story to Western media.Late last August, Ryaguzov was arrested. Russian prosecutors accused him of assisting Politkovskaya's killers by giving them her home address.However, Muratov and Yuri Y. Chaika, Russia's prosecutor general, disagree on a very sensitive issue. Read full story

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