Friday, January 11, 2008

Confession of an Iranian Terror Czar

"In fact, the public has the right not only to justice but to protection. For if, as a consequence of incompetence or cynical realpolitik, the true culprits are not tracked down and prosecuted, they and their government sponsors are free to orchestrate further murderous outrages. And experience shows that this is precisely what they do." -- David Horovitz, The Jerusalem Post, October 11 2007

On May 24 2000, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCR) issued a press release claiming that Brigadier General Ahmad Beladi Behbahani had defected to Turkey. The NCR called upon the government of Turkey to put him under immediate arrest.

According to the NCR press release, Behbahani had been "President Rafsanjani's liaison with the Intelligence Ministry." The NCR alleged that Behbahani had first hand information about Tehran sponsored terrorism dating as far back as 1986.

Several Western observers grasped at once the importance of the defection. "If this man is Behbahani, then obviously he was a crucial figure in the intelligence set-up in Iran and his information would be extremely important," said Lord Avebury who had co-authored a 1996 report on Behbahani.


Connecting the DotsI find the statements of U.S., Iranian and Turkish officials concerning Behbahani highly suspicious, indeed contradictory at time. On the other hand, the allegations made by Behbahani and Mesbahi appear consistent, coherent and thus quite plausible.

In most cases, their allegations have in fact been backed up by Western and Israeli Intelligence. Their version of the events displays at time extraordinary similarities. The parallelism between the Lockerbie and the Buenos Aires affair is particularly striking.This raises a simple question. Where are Behbahani and Mesbahi? And why have we not heard from them since 2000?

If the U.S. State Department is willing to reward a Libyan mechanic employed by the JSO $4 million to fabricate bogus allegations, how much would they be willing to offer a Iranian General, Head of Intelligence Section of the President office, for not telling the truth? Read full story

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