Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lockerbie: The Man Who Was Not There

This case is not closed. The investigation continues, it has continued since the plane went down and it will continue until every individual who we can identify who played a role in this tragedy is brought to justice.US Acting Deputy Attorney General Bob MuellerJanuary 31, 2001 -- The day of the Lockerbie Verdict [1]"Did Iran contract with the PFLP-GC? Probably! But it cannot be proven in court. Did Iran ask Libya and Abu Nidal as you stated in an earlier article? Perhaps, but that too cannot be proven and never will be unless a reliable witness or two comes forward with documentary evidence," dais the FBI agent who lead the Lockerbie investigation, who wrote to me. [2]

Former FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise was the chief of Terrorist Research and Analytical Center at FBI Headquarters in the '80s. In 2001, Marquise received the Attorney General Award for Distinguished Service."With regard to the James Baker discussion with a Syrian intelligence minister in 1989, I have no doubt the conversation occurred. At the time we strongly suspected the PFLP-GC which was sponsored by Syria. Baker was one of those people who could distinguish evidence from intelligence. His quote, if accurate, should have said we have the 'intelligence' but the word evidence connotes a stronger meaning so would have been more appropriate." [3]"We believe the Iranians had a motive to attack an American plane and they may well have ordered the bombing, but the physical evidence only links Libya to the attack. Unfortunately it does not tie anyone else, only if we had an insider. It has been early 20 years and one would think that by now someone would have come out of the woodwork to make the claim if legitimate." [4]This writer thus suggested to Marquise that Western intelligence had access to an insider with superb knowledge of the Iranian intelligence apparatus. Marquise reply was, to say the least, disturbing."With regard to Mesbahi, I have never heard the name until reading it in your article. I have no idea who he is but guess the defense must have heard of him and wonder why he was not a key witness at trial. It seems, based on what you report, he has some significant info -- where -- what is it?? I have no way of knowing," Marquise wrote to me. [5] Read full story

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