Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lockerbie: The Doctor's Strange Story

Back in 1988, Dr. David Fieldhouse was a police surgeon from Bradford, Yorkshire. On Dec. 21, Fieldhouse heard about the crash of Pan Am 103 on "News at Ten." He immediately phoned the Lockerbie police station to volunteer his help and experience, which the Lockerbie Police eagerly accepted.
Minutes later, Fieldhouse was driving on the highway to Scotland and arrived to Lockerbie shortly before midnight. There, he reported to the police station. After having received his instructions, he was sent out with a police officer to find bodies and certify them dead."My work began after briefings and involved several square miles of the crash scene over a period of about 16 hours -- ending, as I recall, at about 1600 hours on 22nd December 1988."During those hours of the search for and confirmation of death in the case of many bodies, I was accompanied by one or more police officers at all times. We occasionally met others both during the night and the ensuing day," Fieldhouse told me. Read full story

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