Friday, July 18, 2008

Moscow Asks US to Pull Out of Gulf

On this day, Valentin V. Lozinsky, the UN Soviet delegate, called for the withdrawal of American naval forces from the Persian Gulf. But Lozinsky also urged Iran to end the war with Iraq and to accept the UN Resolution."The Soviet Union supports the efforts made by the United Nations Secretary General for the implementation of Resolution 598," Lozinsky added.Most representatives agree with US Vice President George H. W. Bush that the tragedy would not have occurred if Tehran had accepted the proposed UN ceasefire.
With time, the theory that Jaafar had been the unwitting carrier of the bomb vanished. Yet, two members of the PFLP-GC would testify that this is what actually occurred.One of them is Mobdi Goben. In the fall of 1988, Goben was running a safe house for the organization in Yugoslavia. He wrote a memorandum in which he described the operation. A few pages of the memorandum have never been recovered to this day. Read full story

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