Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pentagon Begins Investigating Airliner Incident

The Pentagon begins its investigation today. Rear Adm. William N. Fogarty would lead an inquiry that is expected to be completed in two weeks.The US has sent a message through the Swiss Embassy in Teheran to the Islamic government. The five-paragraph letter expresses deep regret for the tragedy. The letter insists that the USS Vincennes did not know that the plane was a civilian airliner.

The US did not apologize for the accident. Instead, the White House blamed the tragedy on Iran."The victims of this accident are only the latest innocent victims of a conflict which should have ended long ago," Marlin Fitzwater, the White House spokesman, said.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon backtracked from an early key assertion. The US Navy no longer asserts that the Iranian airliner had flown outside the official airway. This turn around only deepens the mystery of how the USS Vincennes radar confused a jumbo jet for a F-14 as the former, on its regular path, should have returned much larger echoes than a F-14 flying straight at the ship. Read full story

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