Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saudis Urge Baghdad to Accept Ceasefire With Iran

Tehran claims that Iranian soldiers have pushed back the rebel troops fighting with the Iraqis after they had penetrated 100 miles deep inside Iran. Speaking from Washington, D.C., a spokesperson of the rebel group, known as the PMOI, denied the claim and stated that the PMOI had voluntarily withdrawn from Iranian territory.Saudi Arabia is said to be putting pressure on Baghdad to accept the ceasefire. All through the eight-year war, the Saudis have backed Iraq financially. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador in Washington, has met with Tariq Aziz.Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iranian foreign minister, reiterated the position of Tehran regarding direct talks with Iraqi officials. Velayati said he would not meet Aziz face-to-face until both sides agree on a firm date for a ceasefire, the withdrawal from occupied land and the exchange of all prisoners. Read full story

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