Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did US Illegal Weapons Sale Cause Pan Am 103 Bombing?

In a matter of days, the head of the CIA personally wrote to the judge to seek his help in ending the legal process. Nevertheless, in a second meeting, Fuisz admitted that he had high-level contacts in Damascus.Moreover, vital information was placed under double seal. Neither the content of George Tenet's letter nor the information under double seal was ever revealed but it had become abundantly clear that Fuisz was a high-level CIA HUMINT asset.Over the years, people have wondered what link could possibly exist between the illegal US sale of weapons to Iraq and the downing of Pan Am 103 over the city of Lockerbie.At the time of the explosion, Pan Am 103 was heading straight toward -- and was only a few minutes from flying over -- Motherwell, Scotland.Had the weather conditions not slowed the airliner, Pan Am 103 would have exploded over the very city that had produced the Scud launchers that had terrorized the Iranian population through the eight-year long war. Read ful story

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