Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Iranian Airliner Was Not Emitting Military Signal

Today, ABC News reported that the Pentagon investigation into the American downing of an Iranian Flight 665 has found that the airliner was emitting only a civilian signal.US officials familiar with the Pentagon report said the cruiser Vincennes mistook a signal from a C-130 military plane at the Bandar Abbas airfield in Iran for the signal from the airliner. Two hundred and ninety people were killed in the tragedy.The New York Times had already reported on Aug. 3 that an electronic signal from a C-130 had been mistaken for the one emitted by the civilian airliner.But the ABC News finding that the Iran Air flight was emitting only civilian signals is the last nail in the coffin of the early theory reported by US officials. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Pentagon had claimed that the airliner had put out a military signal. Read full story

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