Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Moghrabis: Terror as a Palestinian Family Business

Dalal Al-Moghrabi belongs to a large family of nine brothers and sisters. The family is famous for its commitment to the Palestinian cause. The creation of Israel had displaced their parents in 1947. The following year, as a result of the Arab-Israeli war, they were living in one of the dozens of refugee camps. Growing up amid the misery of the camp would affect the Moghrabi brothers and sisters.In 1978, Dalal Al-Moghrabi was shot dead by Israeli security forces during a Palestinian attack on a bus near Tel Aviv. More than two dozen Israeli civilians were killed. Dalal, the leader of the commando, became a martyr. The president of Algeria rewarded her entire family with Algerian passports.Two Fatah representatives in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Jihad Abu Zneid and Najat Abu Bakr, were interviewed by Palestinian TV on the return of the remains of Dalal Al-Moghrabi this past July."To the mother of Dalal, I say that this is the day of Dalal's presence in the soul of every free man. Rest assured, oh mistress of Palestine and of the mother of martyrs, that on this day you have become the mother of all Palestinian mothers. To Dalal, confined in her coffin, I say that no matter how much time it takes, you are the one who has won," Najat Abu Bakr said in the interview aired on July 16, 2008. Read full story

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