Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Abu Talb Visits Malta

Richard Marquise, the former FBI agent who led the investigation of the bombing of Pan Am 103, told me that he doubted that Dalkamoni and Talb had met in Cyprus in early October."There is no evidence that Talb met Dalkamoni. In fact I would say not true because Dalkamoni had been under surveillance by the Germans most of October and I do not believe there was any evidence developed that he visited Malta during that time frame," Marquise told me.In fact, there is no doubt that Dalkamoni was in Cyprus on the following dates: 9 to 11 of May, 12 to 14 September and 1 to 5 October. And it is also established that Talb was on the Island from the 3rd to the 18th of October. What is more, the German surveillance operation did not start before the 10th of October and none of their sixteen targets was residing in Cyprus. Read full story

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