Friday, October 3, 2008

CIA Funding Nicaragua Opposition and Rebels

''We had received clear testimony from C.I.A. people that they have deliberately done things to provoke an overreaction on the part of the Government in Nicaragua,'' Senator Jim Wright, a Texas Democrat, said today in response to a question at his daily news briefing.

It is the first time that a Government official has publicly acknowledged the CIA activity in Nicaragua. But Wright gave no details regarding the timing of this operation.The Sandinistas have repeatedly charged that the C.I.A. has tried to destabilize their Government since the beginning of the Reagan administration.According to Congressional committees investigating the Iran-contra affair, Oliver L. North, a former National Security Council aide, used money raised from the Iran arms sales to fund, at least partially, the C.I.A.'s program supporting anti-Sandinista politicians and supplying weapons to the Contras. Read full story

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