Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Metamorphose of the Pan Am 103 Radio Bomb

have compared some fragments of electronic circuit board recovered at Lockerbie (Longtown) and marked as item AG/145 with various radio/cassette tape recorders. I am completely satisfied that these fragments originate from a Toshiba brand radio stereo cassette recorder types RT-8016 or RT-8026. These fragments are shattered in a manner consistent with their intimate involvement in a violent explosion, and I therefore conclude that the bomb was concealed in the aforementioned Toshiba type portable radio/cassette player.The Toshiba RT-8016 and RT-8026 are visually similar and differ only in that the 8026 has a 3 band graphics equaliser on its front panel. Both sets measure 16 and a half inches by 5 and a half inches by 4 inches. The set used in the bomb possessed a white plastics case.So the question is this. How did the evidence pointing to a white RT-8016 or RT-8026 turn into evidence of a black RT-SF16, a model virtually only sold to Libya? This question should be best answered by Forensic Expert Alan Feraday. Read full story

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