Friday, October 3, 2008

Western Countries Endorse Rafsanjani Policies

In the last couple of weeks, Rafsanjani has promoted countless military to the rank of General in an effort to trim the wings of the hard-line Revolutionary Guards in favor of the Iranian Army. All weapons research and development projects under the Revolutionary Guards were shifted to the army research and weapons development divisions.Rafsanjani has also defeated Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi views over foreign investment policy. Rafsanjani, who has asserted that the country needs foreign expertise and investment, has received direct and public backing from Ayatollah Khomeini who recently accused Mousavi of having acted irresponsibly for opposing foreign involvement in the Iranian economy.''Iranian pragmatists are picking up where they left off at Irangate,'' asserts a government official. And the pragmatists just scored a major victory, as the United States Senate moved to impose economic sanctions on Iraq for using chemical weapons. Read full story

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