Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Litvinenko Affair

On Nov. 1, the day he felt ill, Litvinenko met Scaramella at the Itsu sushi restaurant in Piccadilly. Scaramella is an Italian academic and security expert. He is a consultant for the Guzzanti Commission which investigates Soviet infiltration during the Cold War. He is known to have contact with top officers of the FSB and is rumored to work for Italian, U.S. and Colombian Intelligence agencies. According to the police, checks of the restaurant are completed.The police are still searching the Pine Bar and fourth floor rooms at the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square. On Nov. 1, prior to his meeting with Scaramella, Litvinenko met two Russian citizens. Andrei Lugovoi is a former KGB agent and currently runs a private security firm in Moscow. He was accompanied by Dmitry Kovtun. Read full story

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