Thursday, July 12, 2007

Radiation Found on British Airways Jets

Radioactivity was detected on the two planes grounded at London's Heathrow Airport. British investigators have yet to test the third plane taken out of service at Moscow airport.
The importance of this affair seems to grow everyday. Tony Blair has said that he will discuss the matter with Mr. Putin "at any time that is appropriate."On Wednesday, Home Secretary John Reid had another meeting with COBRA, the government's emergency committee, at the end of which he announced the news that radioactivity had been found on BA airplanes. He will make a statement to Parliament this Thursday.On Monday, he told the Commons that Russian authorities had been asked to provide "all necessary cooperation." A spokesperson of Russia top prosecutors office has declared that they will share all their resources with the British investigators to help solve the case.The production of large amount of polonium, such the quantity used to kill Alexander Litvinenko, requires access to a sophisticated nuclear facility. In recent days, Western media have suggested that the Polonium-210 had been produced in Russia and quickly brought to the U.K. Reid has said that there was no recent report of Po-210 stolen or missing from the U.K. facilities. Read full story

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