Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Man Who Knew too Little

On Aug. 11, 1988, Majid Giaka returns to the US Embassy. Giaka will become the superstar witness of the Crown in their case against the two Libyans accused of the bombing of Pan Am 103. Curiously enough, the CIA knew all along that Giaka knew absolutely nothing about the tragedy.On Aug. 22, 2000, at the Zeist trial, Bill Taylor QC for Megrahi stunned the audience of the Court when he revealed that the Crown had access to CIA cables regarding Giaka that the defense team had not seen.The Lord Advocate Colin Boyd replied that there was nothing in these cables that would reflect on the credibility of Giaka."The learned Advocate Depute reached the conclusion that there was nothing within the cables which bore on the defense case," Boyd stated. Read full story

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