Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mohamed Moghrabi Drives to Germany

According to Mohamed Moghrabi, the purpose of the trip was to assist the brother and cousin of Imad Chaaban, Jihad Chaaban, and Mohamed Samir Orfali, to gain illegal entry to Sweden. [3]On Sept. 5, 1988, Jehab Chabaan, Ziad Chabaan and Samir Ourfali entered Germany on a flight from Damascus. Ziad is another brother of Imad Chabaan. [See Part 65 -- Sept. 5, 1988]Imad Chabaan, who changed his name to Martin Imandi a few years earlier, resides in Uppsala, Sweden. Imad Chabaan is a close associate of PSF member Abu Talb. Imad Chabaan had met the three men at Munich airport and attempted to drive them illegally to Sweden. But Danish police arrested them at the border city of Rodbyhavn on charge of carrying false documentation. Read full story

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