Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The PFLP-GC Bomb Maker Arrives in Germany

The telephone is answered, and he asks for Imad Chaaban's brother. He waits some time, and then Jihad Chaaban and Mohamed Sami Orfali arrived. All three drive to the shop belonging to Hashem Abassi, at 4040 Neuss, Neumarkt 14, Germany. Mohamed Moghrabi is introduced to Hashem Abassi.Between 13th and 14th October 1988, Mohamed Mougrabi resides at 16 Isarstrasse, Neuss, Germany. Shortly after his arrival at that appartment, Hafez Dalkamoni, aka Hafez Hussein, arrives carrying a package. [1] Dalkamoni is introduced to Mohamed Mougrabi by Hashem Abassi. Read full story

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