Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The PFLP-GC Bomb Maker: Marwan Abdel Khreesat

Marwan Khreesat was born in 1945 in Amman, Jordan. At the age of four, he attended an Islamic College. He studied there until the age of 14. He never did military service nor learned a trade. He helped his father business as an electrician. But in truth, Khreesat was no ordinary electrical appliance repairman. He was the senior bomb maker of Jibril PFLP-GC. According to MOSSAD, Khreesat was implicated in the 1970 bombing of a Swissair airliner in which 47 people died. There is also strong evidence that Khreesat had been instrumental in the 1972 bombing of an El Al plane. The bomb consisted of 250 grams of explosive hidden in a radio and triggered by a barometric switch.Khreesat retired from terrorism activities soon after the bombing of the El Al airliner. And then, in 1986, he rejoined the PFLP-GC for reasons that have never been explained. Read full story

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